We do offer communications training, but we're much more than a communication training company.

Our big data solutions allow us to target employees with specific communication problems, and track their improvement post-program.

Intrascope are specialists in reducing email stress.

We offer a structured, staged program that delivers long lasting improvements.

All our programs start with our unique communication diagnostics. Our employee survey helps identify low hanging fruit that you can act on immediately, and helps scope the size and nature of the problem. During this targeting phase, we also use sophisticated data science to pinpoint precisely the root causes of e-mail overload, and how to stop it. Our software analyzes e-mail log files to identify who would most benefit from training and in what.

Our training sessions share a mix of best practices from around the world (which CEOs implore their staff to respond rapidly), communications effectiveness theory, and helpful tips and tools to become best practice in communicating.

To help embed these changes, we stay with you every step of the way. Intrascope also provides ongoing dashboards and productivity tools to make sure trainees are accountable, and you can demonstrate a measurable return on your investment.

Why we deliver such strong ROI:

1. Evidence Based
Based on data science and analytics, not anecdotes
2. Targeted and Tailored
The right training for the right people
3. Continuous
Dashboard based accountability to make behaviours stick

The Intrascope blog:

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Steve Pell on The Project

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Intrascope featured in The Australian Financial Review

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